di2i provides advisory services covering establishment, development and growth of platform businesses.


This includes solutions related to market microstructure, product design and platform policies.


Risk Management Solutions

dRisk – is a comprehensive, and modularised solution for firms exposed to market risks.


Such risks could stem from volatility in currency, commodity & freight prices and counterparty exposures.

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Traditional spices market

Trade Facilitation Services

Trade Facilitation Services (TFS) comprises of a collection of services to optimise value in international trade.

TFS aims to help customers including growers, producers and traders to realise greater value across their supply chain.

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about di2i

di2i is a Singapore headquartered firm providing (a) business advisory & platform design consulting, (b) start-up incubation solutions, (c) risk management services, (d) trade facilitation services, and (e) training solutions.

Beyond Singapore, di2i has point of presence in Hong Kong and operates a subsidiary in India.


our mottoinfinite opportunities & endless possibilities

“Great spirits have always encountered opposition from mediocre minds” ~Albert Einstein