“Generally, risk arises from not knowing what you’re doing.

At other times, it is not what you don’t know that creates risk but it is what you know for sure that just isn’t so.”

dRisk is a comprehensive end to end hedging solution to help firms exposed to commodity, currency, freight, energy, interest rates and counter party risks. It helps firms to identify and measure risks followed by ideation of solutions to contain them.

dRisk is a modularised solution. It allows firms to gradually move up the implementation process. It starts with developing awareness of risk and hedging solutions coupled with experiments to test solution viability.

Why dRisk

  • Integrated Solution: dRisk supports firms starting from developing awareness of risks & risk management and all the way until implementation of hedging programs.
  • Securing Buy-In from Stakeholders: Importance of hedging, its challenges and solutions for navigating around them are shared by an independent external voice. This typically helps increase the likelihood of securing buy-in from various internal and sometimes external stakeholders.
  • Savings in Time and Efforts: dRisk comprises of proof of concept hedging trades which help clients to test and validate the approach before investing substantial time and efforts in opening clearing accounts, establishing inter-dealer broker relationships and other associated processes.
  • Cost Optimization: dRisk allows optimisation of costs depending on the size and complexity of the firm implementing it. For example, where hedging trade volumes are thin, dRisk system implementation allows for low cost options instead of implementing high investment sophisticated risk management platforms.
  • Phased and Flexible Implementation: dRisk is implemented in 8 parts across two phases. This allows firms the flexibility to choose the sequence of implementation and to also have better control over costs.

Delivering dRisk

dRisk is delivered in 8 parts across two phases as outlined below:

Phase 1

introduction to market risk management

Introductory workshop to explain hedging, its benefits & challenges.

comprehensive training programs

Develop and deliver bespoke training programs to business & support units.

facilitate buy-in from stakeholders

Craft rationale and pitch aptly to secure buy-in from different stakeholders.

demonstrate benefits via proof-of-concept

Experiment and demonstrate the benefits of hedging via proof-of-concept test trades.

Phase 2

design standard operating procedures

Design and implement SOPs across operations, risk and accounting (IAS and FAS).

systems design and implementation

Implement cloud and web based, risk identification, monitoring and derivatives management tools.

talent identification and placement

Facilitate in search, recruitment and placement of risk managers and traders.

facilitate connections & handholding in getting started

Support in set up of clearing accounts and connecting with Exchange and IDBs.