Platform Design Services
“Life exists in transactions between persons. And, every transaction needs a platform.”

Among its core solution offering, di2i delivers platform design services. This includes advisory services to address considerations related to market microstructure, product design, platform policy, participant onboarding, training and governance.

Platform Design Services helps with the launch and growth of trading venues, exchanges and clearing houses across various asset classes in emerging markets.

platform design services

Risk Management Solutions
“Generally, risk stems from not knowing what you’re doing. At other times, it is not what you don’t know that usually gets you into trouble but it is what you know for sure that just ain’t so.”

Risk solution from di2i is a comprehensive end to end hedging program to help firms exposed to commodity, currency, freight, energy, rates and counterparty risks.

In addressing such issues, di2i offers risk management solutions to assist firms to identify and monitor risks and thereafter to ideate solutions to manage and contain them.

Risk Management Solutions

Trade Facilitation Services
di2i delivers a suite of services to facilitate trade in commodities and fresh produce connecting the vast expanse of Asia from the far east to the middle east.

With trade facilitation services, di2i aspires to help participants including growers, producers, exporters, traders, importers and consumers with matters relating to trading risks, payments, warehousing and logistics.

Trade Facilitation Services