“Life exists in transactions between persons. And, every transaction needs a platform.”

Platform Design Services

Among its core solution offering, di2i delivers platform design services. This includes advisory services to address considerations related to market microstructure, product design, platform policy, participant onboarding, pricing strategy, training, governance and platform scalability.
Platform Design Services helps with the launch and growth of trading venues, exchanges and clearing houses across various asset classes in emerging markets

Microstructure : Facilitate identification of key market microstructure elements and optimise them in building a robust platform.

Design : di2i drives ideation and design of business and platform strategy to attract participants to a two-sided market.

Policy : Recognising that a platform business is unique and distinct from a one-sided conventional business. di2i helps its customers to formulate and implement business and commercial policies to accelerate platform adoption and traffic.

Onboarding : A successful platform requires not just onboarding of customers but also of key collaborators to drive adoption. di2i facilitates this through advisory services around business acquisition and collaboration.

Pricing : Traffic first, money later isn’t always the right approach to pricing services and products on a platform. Spotting participants who are creating value and distinguishing them from those who are consuming value is an essential aspect on which di2i specialises as part of its platform design advisory.

Training : Operating a platform business requires not only a different skillset but also a different mindset. di2i offers tailored training programs to business leaders to adapt themselves in the context of a platform business.

Governance : Platform business are more prone to abuse and manipulation compared to conventional one-sided businesses. di2i helps its customer develop a solid governance framework to help defend the business from such potential malpractices.

Growth : di2i’s advisory extends beyond mere establishment of the business to also include facilitating framing of strategy for growth and scalability.